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Dr. Heap

Dr. Adrian J. Heap has been performing Bariatric surgical procedures since his training with Dr. Edward Mason (the Father of Bariatric Surgery) at the University of Iowa from 1968-1974. In the last  30+ years he has performed over 1500 surgeries of various types including Vertical Ringed Gastroplasties, Gastric Bypasses, standard and Roux-en-Y proximal mid-level and distal, Scopinaro bilio- Pancreatic diversions, and Duodenal Switches.  In 2001 he designed his current operation, the Heap Mini-switch, explained in “The Surgery” section of our site, and has been performing it since. The Heap Mini-switch offers significant advantages over previously mentioned and currently popular operations and the lap band. In Dr. Heaps opinion the lap band operation results in a slow inadequate weight loss, continuing expense, continuing risk of complications such as band erosion, slippage or failure and an uncomfortable, unsatisfying eating experience coupled with the requirement for dietary and behavioral modification, both of which add to expense.

Dr. Heap interviews and examines all patients personally and does not delegate these responsibilities to nurses or physicians assistants as is common in many other clinics.  His secretary and office manager Carole Andrews is friendly, knowledgeable, and informative, and should be used as an information resource while considering your surgery.  Many of Dr. Heap's patients have recorded comments on that will give you further insights into his practice management and conduct.  Dr. Heap is easily available to his patients by office phone, cell phone and e-mail after surgery and will cooperate with patient’s family practitioners for follow-up surveillance on patients who travel from out-of-state.  Dr. Heap does request that his patients keep in touch with him in the years post-surgery so that he can be apprised of their progress and resolution of their co morbidities, and to further document the long-term success rates of this operation.